Back Comfort

LapKeyBoard was ergonomically designed to allow your body to rest in a natural position that does not create physical stress.


Using today’s keyboards and laptops can put severe physical stress on the body.



Problem: The user’s posture is unnatural when typing on an ordinary keyboard. As you type, you are forced to lean forward. There’s no back support. Over time, this can cause chronic back pain.

Solution: LapKeyBoard’s ergonomic design enables the user to lean back, gain excellent support, and avoid back pain. LapKeyBoard sits in your lap, elevated by a soft cushion. There’s no need to lean forward to reach or see the keys. Everything is right where you need it to be, so you can sit back and relax.

Problem: Typing on today’s keyboards for hours a day, over years and years, can lead to chronic pain in the wrist. Ordinary keyboards offer no support for your wrists. You have to do the work, and that causes physical stress.

Solution: LapKeyBoard caters to the individual. You choose the position that lets you type most effectively while the platform supports your wrists.