Real Life Applications

Dave’s in college. He’s got a big paper to finish before tomorrow, but he hates the library; too distracting. He writes best from the comfort of his own bed. But after a while, even that proves problematic. Whether he lies down and rests his laptop on his chest, or sits up and over the laptop on his lap, he’s extremely uncomfortable before finishing page 1. The laptop burns his skin, hurts his back as he’s forced to lean over, and provides him only the most awkward angles for typing.

Dave needs a LapKeyBoard. He could set the laptop down on the bed, or desk, or chair, and type comfortably with the LapKeyBoard on his lap.

Michael works on his computer all day at the office. His company provided all the employees with special ergonomic chairs to enhance back support. Trouble is, his back still hurts. He has to lean forward to type on the keyboard at his desk. Might as well be sitting on a stool. After work, he goes home and spends a few more hours typing on his laptop at the kitchen table, eyeing the comfort of his couch after every email.

Michael needs a LapKeyBoard. At work he wouldn’t have to lean forward to type. He could sit back in his chair and actually enjoy the support it provides. At home he could sink into his couch and answer emails in comfort.