• <span>Health</span>


  • <span>Comfort</span>


  • <span>Convenience</span>


  • <span>Introducing</span>LapKeyBoard


  • 1

    Internet TV

    Finally! Your flat screen TV can be used for browsing the Internet in comfort.

  • 2

    Back Comfort

    LapKeyBoard was ergonomically designed to allow your body to rest in a natural position that does not create physical stress.

  • 3

    Laptop Safety

    Using a laptop on your lap is not safe. LapKeyBoard lets you use your laptop safely.


Introducing LapKeyBoard

LapKeyBoard is the first of a new generation of lapdesks.

It’s a wireless keyboard built into a convenient lapdesk. As Internet TV begins to take off in the coming years, LapKeyBoard’s patented design will be an essential tool. Users browse the Internet on their TV to enjoy the comfort of their couch or favorite chair. LapKeyBoard completes that relaxing experience like no ordinary keyboard or lapdesk ever could.



Coming Soon...

Real Life Applications

Dave’s in college. He’s got a big paper to finish before tomorrow, but he hates the library; too distracting. He writes best from the comfort of his own bed. But after a while, even that proves problematic. Whether he lies down and rests his laptop on his chest, or sits up and over the laptop on his lap, he’s extremely uncomfortable before finishing page 1. The laptop burns his skin, hurts his back as he’s forced to lean over, and provides him only the most awkward angles for typing.

Dave needs a LapKeyBoard. He could set the laptop down on the bed, or desk, or chair, and type comfortably with the LapKeyBoard on his lap.


Why We’re Different

Up until now, there have lapdesks and wireless keyboards. LapKeyBoard is first of the next generation of each. Soon everyone will realize there is no reason to have one or the other. What you need is a wireless keyboard built into a convenient lapdesk. The patented design is simple, and the advantages are obvious. Life demands Health, Comfort, and Convenience. Life demands LapKeyBoard. (or “The good life demands Health, Comfort, and Convenience. The good life demands LapKeyBoard.” Or “The good life is Health, Comfort, and Convenience. The good life is LapKeyBoard.”)